When purchasing a new survey, what should Buyer know and consider? 3-9-17

over 5 years agoMarch 10, 2017
I will now start putting 20 days.  Thank you so much for this tip.  LOVE the tips of the week.
Jeanne Kirby
over 5 years agoMarch 11, 2017
I always enjoy your tips or advice.  You certainly provide us with information to help our clients be successful and of course, make us look good.  Thank you.
Pam - KW
over 5 years agoMarch 12, 2017
Great Tip
Angela L.
over 5 years agoMarch 14, 2017
Love these tips and I look for them every week, super important to know these things that we forget or just don't know. These are GREAT to have and thank you!
Dennis Stanley
over 5 years agoMarch 20, 2017
We certainly appreciate your expertise.
Paul Ward
about 5 years agoApril 5, 2017
How does 6d(ii) affect this?
Blair McCartney-Associate Counsel,Allegiance Title
about 5 years agoApril 7, 2017
Hi Paul, the time period for objection in 6D(ii) starts running from when Buyer "receives the Commitment, Exception Documents, and the survey." Since in 6C(2), Buyer "is deemed to receive the survey on the date of actual receipt or the date specified in this paragraph, whichever is earlier," the time period for objection in 6d(ii) could technically begin running and pass before Buyer ever ACTUALLY receives the survey.  This is because Buyer's "receipt" of the survey for 6D(ii) may be determined by the date of "deemed" receipt in 6C(2). Please let me know if you have further follow up questions on this- bmccartney@allegiancetitle.com.
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