More Questions Raised About TODD, 12-14-2018

This week Dawn responds to multiple follow-up questions she has received since releasing a video on TODD, Transfer on Death Deed, several weeks ago.

Shirley Parker
about 3 years agoDecember 15, 2018
Very interesting and informative, as always, Dawn.
I can use this.
Thanks for the information.
Suzi Greenman
about 3 years agoDecember 25, 2018
Dawn, This was a great explanation.  One more question: can the TODD be used for out of state properties?  Thank you, Suzi
Dawn Moore
about 3 years agoDecember 27, 2018
A TODD is a creature of Texas law.  Not sure what other states will allow.
Thanks for watching the videos.  Allegiance appreciates your support.
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