It's Not a Problem Until it's a Problem 12-9-16

This week Dawn reminds you to make sure you are meticulous in your documentation under the contract.

Dena Smith
about 5 years agoDecember 9, 2016
Too bad many title companies don't even know this. I've had this happen and my clients would have had to hire an attorney to resolve because of the title refused - it was easier to just pay for the new survey and move on. :(
about 5 years agoDecember 9, 2016
Hi Dena, sorry to hear you had that experience.  Thanks for watching and we hope to see you at the closing table soon!  Have a terrific weekend.
Pam Scott
about 5 years agoDecember 9, 2016
My famous last words with my office
Lou Burns
about 5 years agoDecember 10, 2016
Thanks Dawn for continued wisdom. Unfortunately, many issues such as this are caused by agents not paying attention to details. It is not good enough to pass things on without checking for completeness.
Pam Cottrell
about 5 years agoDecember 11, 2016
Dawn, you are right, we don't think of that as a problem, until it becomes one.  Great words of wisdom.
Mandy Brock
about 5 years agoDecember 13, 2016
Happy Holidays Allegiance & All! 
Great words of wisdom!
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